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Inspection des barrages après séismes - recommandations


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Barrages et réinstallation des populations déplacées - Enseignements et recommandations
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Registre des Barrages

Registre des Barrages

Le RMB est la meilleure base de données répertoriant des barrages dans le monde et nous travaillons constamment à son amélioration
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Choix des paramètres sismiques pour grands barrages - Recommandations (révision du Bulletin 72)
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Gestion intégrée du risque de crue
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Petits Barrages : Conception, Surveillance et Réhabilitation
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Latest Bulletins

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Registre des barrages

La meilleure base de données mondiale sur les barrages, établie à partir des inventaires nationaux envoyés par les pays membres à la CIGB. Le Registre est mis à jour continuellement et comporte actuellement plus de 55 000 Barrages.





Water Storage And Hydropower Development For Africa

Marrakech, Maroc

14 - 16 Mars 2017


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3eme Workshop International sur Labyrinth and Piano Key Weirs

Qui Nhon, Vietnam

22 - 24 Février 2017


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85ème Réunion Annuelle de la CIGB

Prague, République Tchèque

3 - 7 Juillet 2017



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26ème Congrès & 86ème Réunion Annuelle de la CIGB

Vienne, Autriche

1 - 7 Juillet 2018


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12th International Benchmark Workshop, 2-4 Octobre 2013, Graz (Autriche)

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12th International Benchmark Workshop


The Benchmark Workshop will be held in the city of Graz, in the second largest city of Austria. Graz is situated in the South of the Alps on both sides of the river Mur. Its famous mountain in the middle of the city with the clock tower, called “Schlossberg”, provides a perfect view over the old town, which is on the UNESCO ‘s list of World Cultural Heritage.


Moreover, the European Capital of Culture of the year 2003 impresses by modern and spectacular architecture as the Island in the Mur or the “Friendly Alien”. Six universities with over 40,000 students are in addition responsible for the young and dynamic charm of the city. Since 200 years Graz University of Technology is one of them. The charming city of Graz, where tradition and modern spirit meet, will welcome you with an international smile and great warmth.

For more details please contact:


Technical Organizer:

Graz University of Technology
Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management
Stremayrgasse 10/II, 8010 Graz, Austria


Information and Registration:

Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Gerald Zenz

Dipl. Ing. Markus Goldgruber


Registration E-Mail Address:



Numerical simulations of dams have gained more and more attention by dam engineers and geotechnical scientists. The 12th International Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of dams will be held from 2nd to 4th October 2013 in Graz (Austria), one of the recent European Capitals of Culture. The workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for engineers, scientists and operators to present and exchange their experiences and the latest developments related to the design, performance and monitoring dams.



THEME A: Fluid Structure Interaction: Arch Dam - Reservoir at Seismic Loading
THEME B: Long Term Behavior of Rockfill Dams
THEME C: Computational Challenges in Consequence Estimation for Risk Assessment: Numerical


Important Dates:

  • February 25th Problem formulation for all themes are available for download
  • March 15th Participants submit expression of interest
  • July 19th Participants submit technical contributions








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