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2nd International Symposium on Rockfill Dams, October 25-28 2011, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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The Brazilian Committee on Dams (CBDB) is pleased to announce the realization of the XXVIII National Seminar on Large Dams (SNGB), which will be held from October 25 to 28, 2011, at the Windsor Hotel Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Simultaneously, we would like to invite your organization to participate as sponsor of the event, or exhibitor in the technical exhibition of the Seminar.


This seminar is particularly important for Brazilian dam professionals because it marks the fiftieth anniversary of CBDB when, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Flavio Lyra, Technical Director of Furnas at the time, the Brazilian Committee on Dams was created, and joined the International Commission on Large Dams - ICOLD.

The CBDB 50th year celebration will emphasize the recognition to all dam engineers and professionals acting in the Country, either independent consultants or employees of partner companies that, over the years, put their trust in our organization, focused on the dissemination of Brazilian dam engineering.

We are also pleased to inform that along with the Seminar, and in the same period of the SNGB, we will host the II International Symposium on Rockfill Dams. This symposium will be organized in association with the Chinese Committee on Large Dams and will be attended by a large number of international engineers. It constitutes the continuation of a previous event held in China, in 2009. The registration on the SNGB is extended to the International Symposium.

In parallel to these events, there will be a technical exhibition for the display of products and services related to the design, construction and operation of dams The exhibition will have the participation of public and private investors and entrepreneurs, as well as designers, constructors, equipment manufacturers of dams and associated facilities, and also research centers, universities, consultants and service suppliers. We estimate an audience of more than 800 participants active in dam engineering, hydropower and water resources from Brazil and abroad.

We believe that the XXVIII SNGB and the International Symposium provide a great opportunity for the exchange of technologies, the presentation of companies, products suppliers and new business prospecting. For us from the CBDB it will be a pleasure to have your business presented at the XXVIII SNGB and this participation can be through sponsorship or leasing of booths as shown attached.

We look forward to your presence and are at your disposal for any further information.


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