"Dams and Climate Change" Workshop - Rabat - July 2016

July 11, 2016, Daniel C.
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“Dams and Climate Change” Workshop



ICOLD Technical Committee on Climate Change, Moroccan Committee on Large Dams and The Moroccan Government have jointly organized a Dams and climate change Workshop on July 11 2016 in Rabat.


This workshop was included in an international conference devoted to Water and Climate as one of the many preparatory meetings organized by Morocco before COP22.


Opening addresses were delivered by Mrs Charafat Afailal (Morocco), Delegated Minister for Water, Government of Morocco, ICOLD Secretary General Michel De Vivo and Mr. Jamal Mahfoud, President of the Moroccan Committee on Large Dams.



You can download below the presentations made during the workshop:



  • Dr. Denis Aelbrecht (France), Electricité de France - Centre d'Ingénierie Hydraulique (EDF-CIH), and Chairman of ICOLD Technical Committee on “Climate Change, Dams and Reservoirs”

Technical Vision of ICOLD on Dams, Reservoirs and Climate Change


  • Dr. Mxolisi Shongwe (Switzerland), IPCC Secretariat, World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Latest updates about the science of Climate Change


  • Dr. George Annandale (USA), international consultant, Member of ICOLD Technical Committee on “Climate Change, Dams and Reservoirs”

The need of new storage capacity


  • Dr. Amal Talbi-Jordan (USA), World Bank

World Bank action for securing Water Resources


  • Mr. Adama Nombre (Burkina-Faso), Committee of Large Dams of Burkina-Faso, Honorary President of ICOLD

The need to boost the construction of Dams and Reservoirs in Africa


  • Mr. Khalid El Ghomari (Morocco), Secretary General of Moroccan Committee on Large Dams

The policy of use of surface water resources in Morocco. Environmental integration of dams projects



The workshop conclusions were presented during the COP22 by Michel De Vivo.



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