World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

Achat d'un accès de 3ans pour le Registre Mondial des Barrages (RMB).


Le RMB est la meilleure base de données répertoriant des barrages dans le monde et nous travaillons constamment à son amélioration

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Bulletin 151

Sols résiduels tropicaux utilisés pour la fondation de barrages et comme matériau de remblai

Bulletin 154

Gestion de la sécurité des barrages en exploitation

Bulletin 164

L’érosion interne dans les digues, barrages existants et leurs fondations
Package Bulletins 2016

Package Bulletins 2016

Pack des 4 derniers bulletins de 2016
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Bulletin 168

Recommendations pour l'exploitation, la maintenance et la réhabilitation des barrages
Preprint - 172

Bulletin Preprint - 172

Technical Advancements in Spillway Design - Progress and Innovations from 1985 to 2015

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Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs

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Registre des barrages

La meilleure base de données mondiale sur les barrages, établie à partir des inventaires nationaux envoyés par les pays membres à la CIGB. Le Registre est mis à jour continuellement et comporte actuellement plus de 55 000 Barrages.



ICOLD _Event

14ème Atelier de travail Intl. sur l'analyse numérique des barrages.

Stockholm, Suède

6 - 8 Septembre 2017


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26ème Congrès & 86ème Réunion Annuelle de la CIGB

Vienne, Autriche

1 - 7 Juillet 2018


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LTBD 2017 à Téhéran

"Long-Term Behavior and Environmentally Friendly Rehabilitation Technologies of Dams (LTBD 2017)"


17 – 19 Octobre 2017

Téhéran, IRAN


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Africa 2013 Report, May 21st

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The international conference jointly organized by Aqua Media International (Hydropower & Dams), ICOLD (International Commission on Large Dams and EEPCO (Ethiopian Electrical Power Company) was a resounding success.

More than 600 participants from 67 countries gathered in the African Union Congress Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 16 to 18 April. They celebrated the fact that hydropower and water resources development has reached a major turning point across the African continent; Ethiopia was clearly the ideal hosting country for the conference, since it leads the way in dams development. The country which, 2 decades ago was among the poorest in Africa, torn with war and misery, is now a booming economy with many construction projects going on. The country which had the lowest water storage capacity per capita in the 90s has now built tools for development.

But Ethiopia is not an isolated case: the Conference presented many dams projects in the Centre, West and South of the African Continent.

The 44 000 MW Inga project planned in the Democratic Republic of Congo was of course at the centre of discussions. But projects of all size were presented and discussed during the parallel sessions.

The conference was opened by two Deputy prime ministers from Ethiopia, H.E. Demeke Mekonnen and H.E. Dr Debretsion Gebremichael,

H.E. Prof Mamounata Belem Ouedraograogo, Min of Water Resources, Hydraulic Infrastructure and Sanitation of Burkina Faso, ICOLD President Adama Nombre and Ato Miheret Debebe, CEO of EEPCo


After the official declarations, three days of presentations ensued, during which African experts in finance, economics, planning, environment, climate and regional development, were able to exchange their experience with their colleagues from the four other continents on a diversity of questions relevant to future or ongoing water storage development projects.


It should be noted that during the three days of the conference, an international exhibition gathered 70 exhibitors which were able to present innovative technologies for dams construction.


Around 70 delegates participated to the post-conference Study Tour to Gibe II and III dams, organized by EEPCo.


During the closing plenary session, Alison Bartle, editor of Hydropower&Dams announced : “The enthusiasm and feedback from this conference has been so great that we plan that this conference will be the start of a new biennial series of regional events in Africa.” ICOLD Secretary General Michel de Vivo and ICOLD President heartily welcomed that announcement and declared that ICOLD will continue to partner with Aqua Media to organize these regional events.

A more detailed report appears on Hydropower & Dams website and a full overview of the conference will appear in Hydropower & Dams.





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