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Sixth International Conference and Exhibition on


Water Resources and Hydropower Development in Asia


National Convention Centre, Vientiane, Lao PDR


1 to 3 March 2016


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84th ICOLD Annual Meeting


Johannesburg, South Africa


15 to 20 May 2016


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Sixth International Symposium on Hydraulics Structures 


27th-30th of June, 2016,

Portland, Oregon, USA


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2nd International Symposium on Dam Protection against overtopping 


7-9 of September, 2016,

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


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TRCOLD 10 ICOLD European club symposium

10TH ICOLD European Club Symposium


Antalya, Turkey


25 to 30 Ocotober 2016


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25th Congress of ICOLD in Stavanger (Norway) June 2015

"Come to Norway and feel the power" was the slogan for the annual conference of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) coupled with its 25th Congress. More than 1000 dam experts from around the world (they came from some 90 different countries) met in Stavanger to discuss new scientific data, technical and environmental challenges. As is usual in ICOLD meetings, they took the occasion to share knowledge and experiences about dams and hydropower more generally. Norway is often presented as the country of hydropower. XX% of its power comes from hydroelectricity.


With its 4 000 river courses and 250 000 lakes, Norway is a blessed country when it comes to electricity production from hydropower. An installed capacity of 27 000 MW ensures that virtually all electricity consumption is covered from hydropower. Hence, hydropower is one of Norway´s most important natural resources. This has been an important factor in the favourable economic development of the country for the last century.


Hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy in the world and has wonderful qualities, being clean, emission-free and adjustable. This means the water can be stored in reservoirs and used when needed, representing thus the only way to store huge amounts of electricity. In Scandinavia, Norwegian hydropower plays a crucial role to replace dirty power from coal plants of Denmark and to equilibrate intermittent renewables (wind and solar power).

While large parts of Europe were largely industrialized through the use of coal, hydropower has been at the core of the building of Norway as an industrial nation.

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3 new bulletins : 156-152 -149 are available

ICOLD released 3 new bulletins


Bulletins 156 (by the Committee on dams and floods)

Integrated flood risk management

Bulletin 152 (by the Committee on Cost of Savings in Dam Construction)

Cost of savings in dam construction

Bulletin 149 (by the Committee on the role of dams in the development and management of river basins)

Role of dams on the development and management of river basins. A general review.



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Publications Publication
149 New  
Bulletin 149
Role of dams on the development and management of rivers basins.
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152 New  
Bulletin 152
Cost savings in specific dams
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156 New  
Bulletin 156
Integrated flood risk management
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Bulletins Package 3 Latest Bulletins

- Bulletin 149

- Bulletin 152

- Bulletin 156

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Registre des Barrages  
The WRD is the best available data basis on dams in the world and we are constantly striving to better it.
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